Harrison Hydra-Gen manufactures state-of-the-art A/C Generator Systems which automatically convert the available horsepower from your vehicle's running engine into precision electricity.

Hydraulic driven generators are the new wave of mobile generators. They simply eliminate the engine that normally drives a generator set and instead drives it with a hydraulic motor. This is achieved by tapping into your vehicle's engine with a hydraulic pump. If your engine is running anyway, why not use it? The increased load on your main engine is actually beneficial by reducing carbon deposits and other problems that occur on lightly loaded engines. By using a hydraulic generator, you have AC power while at idle or while driving down the road!

Ideal for Oil Field / Oil and Gas Exploration, Agricultural, Marine - Commercial or Recreational, Military, Firefighting and Utility Service Providers.

The benefits of a hydraulic generator set over a diesel generator:

Typically about 50% lighter.
Runs much quieter.
About 65% smaller.
Cleaner, no carbon exhaust.
System runs cooler.
No fuel, less expensive to operate.
Maintenance is almost eliminated.
Reliability is greatly increased.
There is NO pollution.
A longer lasting system.
Engage power while driving down the road

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