Preventive Maintenance

Fire Apparatus Performance Testing completed in accordance to NFPA 1911-2007 to include Performance Testing Fire Pumps, Line Voltage and Low Voltage Systems, Aerial Devices, Foam Proportioning Systems and CAFS Systems.



1. Engine
Oil Level, Oil Filters, Oil Leaks, Cooling System Fluid Levels, Coolant Filter, Coolent System Hose's, Coolant Tested, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Belts, Motor Mounts, Exhaust System, Air Compressor Filter, Air System and Drains, Emergency Shutdown and Shutter Operation.

2. Chassis
Lube Chassis, Clutch Linkage, Check Drive Line, Differential Fluid Level, Gaskets and Seals, Mounting Bolts/Body, Axle Studs and Nuts, Springs and U Bolts, Shackle Pins, Shock Absorbers, Tires, Wheels and Lub Nuts, Fuel Tank, Power Steering Fluid Level/Filter/Pump, Hose and Filters, Drag Link and Asst. Cylinder, Tie Rod Ends, King Pins, Steering Gear Box Asmbly and Gear Box Mounting Bolts.

3. Transmission
Fluid Level, Shift Linkage (Manual), Gaskets and Seals, Lock-up System, Filter, Cooler, PTO.

4. Brakes
Fluid Level, Low Air Alarm, Governor, Leakage, Tank Drains, Ai Dryer System, Alcohol Evap. System, Moisture Ejectors, Parking, Brake Linings and Adjust, Brake Chambers, Tubing/Lines/Fittings and Drums/Rotators.

5. Electrical System
Starting System, Onboard Air Compressor, Charging System, Battery Condition, Battery Load Test, Alternator AMPS Output, Warning Lights, Sirens, Ground/Step Lights, Pump Panel Lights, Compartment Lights,DOT Lights, Gaskets and Seals and Axle Bearings.

6. Pump
Change Over Valve, Relief Valve, Pressure Governor, Controls/Linkage, Strainers, Priming System, Gauges, Drains and Bleeders, Pump Packing, Valves, Anodes and Heat Exchanger Valve.

7. Pump Transmission
Oil Level, Noise, Linkage and Control, Mounting Bolts and Gaskets/Seals.

8. Booster Tank
Dump Chutes, Leaks/Overflow Piping and Tank Seal.

9. Foam Tank
Foam System and Soam System Piping.

10. Portable Pump
Remote Start, Battery, Oil/Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Exhaust System, Controls/Linkage, Mounting Bolts, Valves, Packings, “T” Case, Oil and Noise.

11. Cab
Wipers/Wash, Headlights, DOT Lights, Instruments and Controls, Glass, Seats and Seat Belts, Door Latches and Locks, Heater Defroster, HVAC System, Cab Tilt/Locks/Pivot, Cab Tilt Cylinders, Spot Lights and Interior Lights.

12. Generator/Inverter
Remote Start, Oil/Hydraulic Filter, Fuel Filters, Air Filters, Exhaust System, Quartz Lights, receptacles and PTO/Pump.

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